Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012


Lets take a look to the markets.. im watching it hour by hour and there are no Bulls here! (Just upside fakeswings)

Also the commodities are bearish in consideration the European Union crisis..

What a lot of people doesn`t know is the strong correlation between the EU and commodities (like gold, silver or some other commodities). If there`s not soon a solution for this crisis, the worth of these securities will come more down... just fact!

Well lets take a look to the GLD ETF. Its not the same as Gold, but in average theyre even.

I went short @ 153.70.. The current price is 153.50 and i think we're going lower with this ETF.

I bought additionally a put with the strike of 150 USD (17. Aug)

Option execute price @ 1.46
actual Optionprice: 1.54