Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Apple - There`s no limit!

As you see, the stock market was consolidating the last two months. This is normal and shows us how healthy our exchange is! More consolidation = higher limit and more opportunities (lower entry points for investments, and swing trades on the bull and bear side).

My thoughts about AAPL were a bit confusing. A lot of people invest in it and it seems, that this stock can become a bubble. My biggest anguish in relation with Apples Stock is that the Hedge Fund Managers can pull it down, every possible second.

I heard from different sides that the stock is highly overrated, but the fact is, Apple is making money and the quarterly reports gives us the confirmation for new price targets.

I personally see the 700 USD-mark coming until end of the year.

MY DEAL: Entry price @ 580.98 - Target is settled @ 600.47
                    1. sellpoint @ 590.01 (589.78 if it heads directly down)

The price of 600 is easily given, if we look here on this bullish healthy chart:

Zurich, 01.07.2012 - R.Stocker